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cheap louis vuitton outlet Adhere to the 'not Into the field of gossip data 'professional ethics, Xiaobian attracted to go, have to say say, this is definitely the most eye-catching antique jewelry exhibition. Casually give a few chestnuts Well, there are pictures of the truth: the exhibits are precious Return From the Royal antique jewelry, after the plundering of the Eight-Power Allied Powers, still preserved goods with good; 'Longfengxia crown' carving two Long two Phoenix, is the ancient princess and when the dedicated crown. Long body with foam billet process, The flowers will point Cui and filament process, petal filling volume pattern, lively and movable, each component seems to be the Princess and the pure blessing. Exquisite shape and the spirit of the various components of the dynamic Xiaobian see cross-flow (fog) . One of the 'Danfeng Chaoyang' antique, the emperor was placed in the incense case or multi-Treasure in the aroma Decoration, the overall use of traditional filament technology, inlaid dazzling red and blue sapphires louis vuitton bags outlet

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louis vuitton outlet store Fung back the growth of Plum Aquarius, This bottle Hidden mystery, can be spices, whenever the breeze, a ray of subtle fragrance will drift away, the wind around the body of the phoenix also swaying sights. According to the standard, this Golden Phoenix fragrance only Queen eligible to use. The jewelry of the silk mosaic, which in the royal craftsmen 's efforts pouring, the collar of the royal court flair two thousand years of the most beautiful art, be hee Most representative works is the Hee middot; jewelry time-consuming three years, spared no effort to create filigree mosaic masterpiece 'Jianghai no boundaries', inlaid eight large cratan Sang Shi, 24 deep sea pearls, 1735 diamonds, The world regarded as 'Ocean Heart'; However, Xiaobian that 'Titanic' female Rose wearing the Western version of 'Ocean Star', than it can be more than a little less. Another piece of work, 'Phoenix and Ming' has so Far experienced five before and after revision and upgrade, Jinfeng wings with silk inlaid process louis vuitton purses outlet

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louis vuitton handbags outlet but also combines the modern micro-inlay process, precious stones are rare precious rare coral, and its carving Into full bloom in the peony. As we all know, The Phoenix is ​​the king of birds, peony is the first flowers, they Yanyaqunfang, is the traditional maternal spirit of the representative, would like to come to this work is the wealth of auspicious mood, really is the essence of the world, According to the official, after the end of the exhibition in March, taking into account the maintenance and maintenance of antique jewelry limit (after the end of each exhibition must be returned to the headquarters to carry out) Care), may no longer open to the public. For the love of oriental culture, you miss this village, no this shop you ... ... As removed from the gossip fashion circle writers, these years most often hear is: 'there is a luxury closed shop ... ...' However, today's exhibition is exceptionally meaningful, the Royal Jewelry Show is hee jewelry in the new store opening ceremony in one of the highlights louis vuitton factory outlet