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Sizes & Colors







Sizes & Colors



Back when your favorite collector cars were new, bias ply tires were the only choice and it stayed that way until the mid ‘70s when tire manufactures began experimenting with radial construction. Collectible vehicles aren’t quite as collectible when they don’t have the right tires on them, so Coker Tire Company strives to provide car enthusiasts of all ages with the appropriate tires for their machine. Part of the process was bringing back discontinued tires, by using the original molds from various companies, and Firestone is the prominent bias ply tire in the immense Coker product line. By manufacturing tires from the original molds, or building a new mold from original Firestone drawings, Coker Tire’s authentic bias ply tires are the real deal. The original lettering, the original sizing and the original styling is all there, in a brand new package, so these are not technically a reproduction tire—they’re the real thing. Whether you have a traditional hot rod, or a precisely restored classic car, a set of Firestone bias ply tires are a popular choice because of the rich heritage and quality finished product.

Firestone bias ply tires are known for the fluted sidewall, which is usually known as the pie crust look. And with everything from original Model A tires to the very popular Dragster cheater slicks, Firestone has a wide range of tires to keep many car guys happy. For the muscle car crowd, Coker Tire offers a line of Firestone Wide Oval tires, available with the classic raised white letter design, redline or white pinstripe.

Coker also offers a wide range of Firestone military and vintage truck tires, which are of bias ply construction. With such a huge selection of Firestone tires; Coker Tire is without a doubt the leading source for collector car tires, especially when you consider the amount of sizes, styles and whitewall widths available

Hawaii customers CALL US FIRST FOR HUGE SAVINGS! Our most popular tires are the Firestone Bias Ply 670-15, and 710-15. But we can special order the full line up from Coker Tire.



Walton Fabrication offers a complete hot rod repair and fabrication service, specializing in pre-1958 passenger cars and pickups.

Thank you for your interest in Walton Fabrication's 41-54 Chevrolet components. We have designed these components with you, the builder, in mind. they are not a total bolt in design, welding is required but they are easy to locate, retain chassis integrity, and accept all popular GM transmissions. The transmission crossmember features a removable mounting plate that allows you to service the transmission without removing the engine and also provides additional ground clearance for exhaust systems. The engine brackets use readily available rubber mounts and work with stock or mustang II front suspensions.

In addition to our chevrolet components, Walton Fabrication also offers a reproduction 53-56 F-100 Ford truck chassis as well as components for stock F-100 pickups.


49-54 Chevy Firewall Power Brake Assembly

*Call for current pricing

Walton Fabrication now offers a firewall mounted power brake assembly for the 49-54 Chevy passenger car. Designed with ease of installation and usage in mind this power brake pedal, booster, and master cylinder offer a reasonably priced option for upgrading your brakes. The assembly has a 3.67 to 1 ratio pedal, uses a 1" bore master cylinder with a 1-1/4" stroke and includes an 8" single diaphram vacuum power booster. The booster-master cylinder assembly extends about 14" out from the mounting plate into the engine compartment. The pedal assembly & bracketry bolts up under the dash between the firewall plate and the dash. The pedal assembly and bracketry and the booster-master cylinder assembly are also available separately.

44-6505-1 CALL FOR CURRENT PRICE 49-54 Chevy Passenger Car Firewall Power Brake Assembly

44-6513-1 CALL FOR CURRENT PRICE 49-54 Chevy Passenger Car Firewall Power Brake Pedal Assembly Only (pedal & bracketry only; no booster-master cylinder)


Here are some pictures of just how easy Walton Fabricatons Firewall Assembly is to install. This is our 54 Chevy with the brake assembly, we also used Walton Fabrications SBC engine mounts and transmission x member on this car. Sure we could have made something but why do it when the cost of this kit is so reasonable, and Todd Walton has taken all the guess work out for you. Trust me when i say this will be well worth the money spent and time saved!


41 - 54 Chevy SBC / BBC Motor Mounts

*Call for current pricing

Walton Fabrication offers motor mounting kits and motor mounting brackets for the small block and big block Chevy. The motor mounts locate using the original rivet holes of the stock oem motor mounts and are then welded in complete. The stock firewall braces require modification to use a small or big block Chevy, but can also be completely removed. No more beating your motor in between the "universal / grind-to-fit" motor mounts more commonly available; now you can lower your motor into place, slide the bolts in, and actually enjoy working on your dream car.

43-7102-1 41-48 Chevy Passenger Car Motor Mounting Kit w/Rubber Mounts

43-7112-0 41-48 Chevy Passenger Car Motor Mounts

45-7102-1 49-54 Chevy Passenger Car Motor Mounting Kit w/Rubber Mounts

45-7112-0 49-54 Chevy Passenger Car Motor Mounts


41 -54 Chevy Transmission Crossmember

*Call for current pricing

Walton Fabrication offers a transmission crossmember to mount any of six popular automatic transmissions into your 41-54 Chevy car. The crossmember is primarily bolt-in but does require a minimal amount of welding where it incorporates the stock oem K-member legs of the original chassis to retain chassis strength. The trans plate in the middle of the crossmember can be positioned for your choice from six popular automatic transmissions including: TH-350, TH-400, 700R4, Power Glide, 4L60 and, 200R4. (Note: The transmission crossmember will not work with manual transmissions... yet.)

43-7301-1 41-48 Chevy Passenger Car Transmission Crossmember Kit w/Rubber Mount

43-7311-0 41-48 Chevy Passenger Car Transmission Crossmember

44-7301-1 49-52 Chevy Passenger Car Transmission Crossmember Kit w/Rubber Mount

44-7311-0 49-52 Chevy Passenger Car Transmission Crossmember

45-7301-1 53-54 Chevy Passenger Car Transmission Crossmember Kit w/Rubber Mount

45-7311-0 53-54 Chevy Passenger Car Transmission Crossmember





Crown Deluxe Sunglasses are hands down the coolest underground sunglass company worldwide . They are sold EXCLUSIVLY out of select shops that are dedicated to the Kustom Kulture. Like Specialty Boutiques, Hot Rod , Motorcycle & Speed shops, and also Vintage Barber shops, so you know you’re getting an authentic kick ass product. When you see someone wearing Crown Deluxe Sunglasses you know you’re in good company. So if you’re into Chop Tops, Lead Sleds, Hot Rods, Kustoms cars, and Pin up Girls then you’ve come to the right place.

Luxury shades for the infamous. Crown Deluxe Sunglasses are designed for the Hardcore Kulture and are built to last. Handmade zyl Acetate Frames, Dual Hinges, 100% UV A UVB protection, Polarized (on select models), and Optical Quality lenses so you can have your PERSCRIPTION put in the frames. All lenses are made of glass except for the 35 Coupe Deluxe.

For those who live, and embrace this lifestyle your image is everything. Don’t get stuck wearing another brand, check out Crown Deluxe Sunglasses Hardcore collection. "Your image isn’t complete till you’re wearing the Crown".


Womens Collection


Bad Librarian Deluxe




Moonshine Deluxe (100% Polarized)



Muertos Deluxe (100% Polarized)







New Style "Red Wine"



Mens Collection


Rat Rods


Flat Black

New "50 wt & Dark Tortoise"



51 Deluxe





Lucky Gatos


New " Dark Tortoise"


Pinstripes ~ The Original




  35 Coupe Deluxe (for the big guys. These measure 6 inches across. All other glasses are 5 1/2 inches across) ***DISCONTINUED***


Flat Black Only!




Supreme Wheels


Supreme Wheel

Multi Lug Pattern, Center cap included. Will not accomodate 14mm studs. Requires the use of Mag lug nuts and washers.


These are Classic! If you've been searching for a quality set of Supremes (Astro Supremes) you probably been looking around for the ones that have the back of the spokes reinforced, look no further cause we have them!

Reinforced welded gusset at the back of the spoke to the hoop.


13x7 Supreme Wheel

13x7 Supreme $570.00 /set *contact us for a shipping qoute

5x4.5 & 5x4.75 & 5x5 bolt pattern

-12 offset

3 1/2 Backspacing


13x7 Reverse $570.00 /set *contact us for a shipping qoute

5x4.5 & 5x4.75 & 5x5

-54 Offset

1 7/8 Backspacing



15x7 Supreme Wheel

15x7 Supreme $590.00 /set *contact us for a shipping qoute

5x4.5 & 5x4.75 & 5x5

-12 Offset

3 1/2 Backspacing


15x7 Reverse $590.00 /set *contact us for a shipping qoute

5x4.5 & 5x4.75 & 5x5

-51 Offset

2 Backspacing


15x8 Supreme Wheel

15x8 Supreme $620.00 /set *contact us for a shipping qoute

5x4.5 & 5x4.75 & 5x5

-22 Offset

3 5/8 Backspacing


15x8 Reverse $620.00 /set *contact us for a shipping qoute

5x4.5 & 5x4.75 & 5x5

-63 Offset

2 Backspacing


Supreme with Bullet Cap (cap not included)


1958 Impala we did , 15x7 Supremes w/ WWW stock height with CPP 4 wheel disc conversion.


Mad Fabricators

In the Kustom Car World George Barris is known as the King of Kustomizers, but George was also the king with a camera! He is one of the most influential people to have documented the ever growing Kustom and Hot Rod scene during the 50’s & 60’s. He captured thousands of cars, making him a staple contributor to Feature Cars & “How To” articles in the spotlight & “little” books. Throughout this DVD, George takes us on a tour through Lynwood & shows us his favorite shooting locations, including his old Lynwood shop! Disk one also features interviews with Larry Watson, Greg Sharp, Brad Masterson & Jay Mason. The second disc features a full length picuture show, packed with images from the Barris vault & scored by The Dynotones this is the best collection of still images that has ever been released! Featuring Hot Rods, Kustoms, Pin Stripers, Motor- cycles, Car Shows & more…… 2 DISK DVD SET FEATURING THE KUSTOM PHOTOGRAPHY OF GEORGE BARRIS AND 75 MINUTES OF STILL IMAGES!




Desperate Generation is a documentary that encapsulates the 90’s Rockabilly revival in Southern California. Each aspect of the subculture is candidly portrayed in short, music-filled vignettes highlighting vintage car clubs, tattoo artists, musicians, annual car & hot rod events, and much more! THE DESPERATE GENERATION DVD WITH OVER AN HOUR’S WORTH OF BONUS FOOTAGE!




Mad Fabricators Society, volume one, features more than two hours (two disk DVD) of interviews, photos and videos of “the Original King of Kustomizing,” George Barris, and also showcases newer talents, such as Cole Foster, custom builder extraordinaire (and camera breaker…but that’s another story). Cushioning these fabricating gems are featured car shows, such as “Viva Las Vegas” and Paso Robles, antique drag races, pin-up model shoots, music videos and an art show tribute to “Big Daddy,” Ed Roth…and a lot more… this is just the first edition.


Disk One: 1. George Barris 2. Viva Las Vegas 3. Cheaters of Milwaukee 4. Cole Foster 5. Hunnert Car Pile Up 6. Carina Caliente 7. Imperial Customs 8. Vintag Drags

Disk Two: 1. Bob Bleed Merkt 2. Barris Kustom City 3. Tribute To Roth Art 4. Paso 2004 5. Jamie And Jenny 6. Music Videos 7. Out Takes 8. Trailers





The Sequel to the hit DVD is here ready to tear up your television Screen! With the best traditional Hot Rod culture. With 2 Hours of the people, Stories and of the cars of a society that lives and breaths the Low Brow, Hot Rod and Custom life.


1. Asphalt Invitational 2. The Tuckster Build 3. A- Bombers Hill-climb 4. Mark Moriarity 5. Lone-star Round Up 6. Detroit Autorama 7. Mel Lawyers Survivor 8. Jimmy White 9. Heidi Van Horne 10. Hot Rod-A-Rama 11. Mr. G 12. Sectioned Shoebox 13. The Adonis 14. Detroit Autorama 15. Von Franco 16. Credits




The third installment of the best HOT ROD DVD is here with all the madness and mischeif that MAD FABRICATORS SOCIETY is known for. A look into the lives of some of the most influential people and stories from the Hot Rod and Custom Culture.


Disk One: 1. Mark Moriarity Update 2. Primer Nationals 3. Chopping A Shoebox 4. Keith Weesner 5. So What Speed Shop 6. Detroit Autorama 7. Show Circuit Survivor 8. Jalopy Showdown

Disk Two: 1. The Alexander Bros. 2. Psycledelic Tendencies 3. Sabina Kelly 4. 32 Survivor 5. Hot Rod Reunion 6. Mysterion Clone 7. Credits 8. Trailers / Videos




The FOURTH installment of the best HOT ROD DVD is here with all the madness and mischeif that MAD FABRICATORS SOCIETY is known for. A look into the lives of some of the most influential people and stories from the Hot Rod and Custom Culture!!


Disk One: 1. Brian Bass 2. Grand National Show 3. Mark Skipper Collection 4. Aceholes Shop Truck 5. Asphalt Invitational 6. Dave “little Man” Lohr 7. The Rittinger Survivor 8. Dayna Delux 10.Day Of The Drags 11. Fat Lucky’s

Disk Two: 1. The Astrosled 2. Fine Art Of Coop 3. Hunnert Car Pile Up 4. The Lazy 8 5. Roth Spotlight MI 6. Credits 7. Music Videos 8. Trailers 9. Go Cart Madness 10.Astrosled Bonus footage



Disk One: 1. Ionia Hot Rods 2. 32 Anniversary 3. Mark Moriarity 4. Lonstar Round Up 5. Richie’s 32 Survivor 6. Pride Of The Champ 7. Dirty Donny 8. Rockabilly Rod Reunion

Disk Two: 1. The Koller 29 2. Billetproof MI / Ca 3. Lil Dough 4. The Revolution 5. Gearhead Magazine 6. Bill Michaelson 7. Von Dutch Auction 8. Credits/Car Mayhem



Follow the journey of Mad Fabricators creator Piero De Luca as he and his super talented friends create one of the most period correct sixties show cars to hit the pavement. It all started off with a rusty Model A Coupe body in Texas with chickens living in it and after two years of discipline,emotional ups and downs and the ultimate joy of the first drive the car gets its big break as Cover and Feature of Rod and Custom magazine Some Mad Fabricators alumni join the build like Bob Bleed and Johnny Cola from Aceholes, Donnie Baird from Imperial Customs and making there first appearances in Mad Fabricators, Luke Di-Cuircio of Di-Cuircios Hot Rods and Dave Martinez of Martinez Custom Upholstery. See How We Go From Rust To Show! Featuring Music By:The Surfites+The Kilaueas+The Nebulas+The Madeira+and More..

Mad Fabricators